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  • 4.1.14

    Hypha & sAuce “Kush Ups & Royal Keef featuring DuBuddha” OUT TODAY!!!

    ~ by  sAuce

    sAuce & Hypha "Kush Ups & Royal Keef featuring DuBuddha" cover
    Hypha has been quietly developing a following that now seems to be reaching cult status, with his previous releases Whispers and Murmurs receiving accolades and support on BBC radio and a plethora of heavyweights producers in experimental electronic music, including comparisons to Hudson Mohawke and Nasty Nasty. In our own way we feel neither of those are correct as Hypha has developed a style that is uniquely his own, its both bouncy and quirky, pushing the envelope in more ways than one and yet somehow will still be some of the prettiest new music out there. We’ve also been honored in the past year to release some tunes by one of the most exciting merging producers in glitchy future-bass music production, namely sAuce. His tune Double Double-U was featured on BBC radio by the likes of Salva and also received support and big ups from the likes of Starkey and our friends on BLN FM. It is no wonder then that Hypha and sAuce collaborating would result in something unique, beautiful and nudging experiments in Juke / Footwork, IDM and other glitchy genres. Another emerging producer from Colorado, namely DuBuddha sits in as another collaborator on Royal Keef and its evident from the track names that these sessions were well baked and very cheerful. Artwork image by FreeRolando.



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    ~ by  sAuce


    Weve been honored in the past year to release some tunes by one of the most exciting merging producers in glitchy future-bass music production, namely sAuce. His tune Double Double-U was featured on BBC radio by the likes of Salva and also received support and big ups from the likes of Starkey and our friend on BLN FM. Spankinz is a new collaboration project between sAuce, Simpleton and MetaTron and what could be better than getting that remixed by two of our other favorite emerging Future-bass / Glitch stars, Dubvirus and Hypha. Dubvirus provides a slamming Glitch tune that drops into an epic slow-fast beat that will satisfy even the most jaded dance floors and Hypha once again blows us away with something someone could predetermine and yet is once again incredibly slowed down and sexy, R&B and mass probably play as much into this tunes background as much as all glitchy genres do. The result is melodic glitch music that is truly future-bass in the sense that the tunes seem to draw on all aspects of bass music and a plethora of genres to accomplish their goal of ultimate funky flows and melody.

    Pick up the single and remixes TODAY.



    I’m getting dreamy. Beyond excited to be playing Sonic Bloom this year. Get your tickets before the sell out!

    ~ by  sAuce

    Last year you may have gotten the chance to catch my set at Sonic Bloom on the saucer, but this year it’s official. I remember when I was at Bloom in 08′ only dreaming of making music and performing. Now i’m here. It’s a dream come true.

    Plan on hearing some new stuff from me. I’ll be debuting the new EP i’ve been working on.

    Make sure to get your tickets HERE before they sell out. Hope to see you all there.




    I’m very excited to be performing at Arise Music Festival this year. Super early bird discount tickets end this Friday May 10th, at 11:59 P.M. Get them while you still can.

    ~ by  sAuce

    You can help support me on my summer tour by purchasing your tickets HERE. There is also a possibility of winning a main stage slot if i sell enough tickets. Spread that good word. The line up is stacked with a very diverse range of amazing music. Check it out. Hope to see you all there.




    Dubvirus – Bridging The Gap (sAuce Remix) is OUT NOW on Street Ritual.

    ~ by  sAuce

    Dubvirus RNA [DNA Remixed]

    Dubvirus RNA [DNA Remixed] released via Street Ritual is OUT TODAY!

    It’s an honor to be on such an amazing line up artists, most of them friends. I want to thank my friend Sacha Dubvirus for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.  It feels really good to finally be releasing this remix, and I’m excited for you all to hear it. This is one of the projects that was lost from when my hard drive crashed in March. Luckily i had a mixdown that was recoverable. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you. You can pick up the remix album HERE. Help spread the word so we can climb the Addictech charts. Much love ya’ll!

    Artwork By: Unmess Designs



    I am thrilled to announce I will be performing at Firefly Gathering 2013!

    ~ by  sAuce


    Firefly Gathering 2013‘Firefly is an intentional gathering focused on manifesting our vision of a co-creative, nurturing and loving community that fosters a healing, healthy lifestyle partnered with conscious celebration and a spiritual peak experience. When we come together to celebrate our ONE-ness, we all experience transformation through inspiration resulting in personal and planetary evolution.’

    Through our intentions and festival environment, we feel that Firefly brings an opportunity for each of us to participate in the “Tribal Village” that we each lack in todays global society. By practicing life within a conscious, creativity-based culture, even if for only a weekend, we awaken an important part of ourselves that needs nurturing for the changes that are to come. Experiencing how our world could be in a creative, co-operative society can be a transformative experience for anyone! 

    When all of us Fireflies join together, just imagine the light we can shine!

     We are committed to bringing conscious music, intentional art, heartfelt ceremony, organic food, healing and workshops to each of our events. 
    Our Goal is to help impact each other in extremely positive ways so that we can take this positive experience back into our daily lives.

    Firefly takes place in the Coconino National Forest of Northern Arizona. A special permit is required for such a gathering. We are entrusted with the stewardship of this sacred natural environment, every one of us!

    Buy your tickets HERE 



    sAuce’s track “Double Double-U” featured in Starkey’s exclusive mix for URB magazine

    ~ by  sAuce

    Starkey put out a podcast with URB magazine  acouple weeks ago featuring sAuce's track "Double Double-U"

    This week’s URB podcast heat comes from Philadelphia’s favorite son of the sub; Starkey. After a thunderous return form with his Civil Music debut, “Orbits,” the Philly bass technician has been busy running things on and off the dancefloor, splitting time between bringing the most refined bass on the planet and being all business with his label, Seclusiasis.

    Yet, while he’s always juggling one thing or another in his life, he’s still bringing consistently thunderous music to the forefront, still with that classic dubstep foundation surrounding it all, first and foremost. In this exclusive mix for URB, Starkey exhibits the best of grime, dubstep and off-everything bass music; as he covers the spectrum, from Dexplicit, MRK1 and Rustie; all while crushing it with a plethora of his own tunes. Tracklist down below, please pick your ears off the floor when done.


    01 – Starkey ‘Poison (ft. Leah Smith)’
    02 – Akkachar & Taz Buckfaster “Platinum”
    03 – Doshy ‘Toys’
    04 – Starkey ‘LEO’
    05 – JME ‘If You Don’t Know (Spooky Remix)’
    06 – DJ Cable ‘Cartridge (VIP)’
    07 – DJ Cable ‘Cartridge (Devil Mix)’
    08 – Starkey ‘Lies’
    09 – King ‘Crew Anthem’
    10 – Knight Riderz ‘Million Miles (VIP)’
    11 – Ruff Sqwad ‘Xtra’
    12 – Rich Gang ‘Tapout (ft. Lil Wayne, Future, Mack Maine & Nicki Minaj)’
    13 – TC4 ‘LaLaLaLa’
    14 – Dexplicit ‘Wave Machine’
    15 – MRK1 ‘Deeper Than You (ft. Jamakabi)’
    16 – Mumdance & Logos ‘In Reverse’
    17 – Starkey ‘Code’
    18 – Doshy ’123789?
    19 – Starkey ‘Tremors’
    20 – T.Rone ‘Hello Love (F.U.)
    21 – J Beatz ‘Sour Diesele’
    22 – TC4 ‘Big Inna Di Manor’
    23 – DJ Cable ‘Egg Timer’
    24 – Stagga & Monky ‘Scufalope’
    25 – Trevor Kelly ‘$tay Golden’
    26 – Starkey ‘Back At It’
    27 – Starkey ‘Guglemapz’
    28 – Allout Krew ‘Regular’
    29 – Joker ‘Zim Zimma’
    30 – Decibel ft. Flowdan ‘Skanks (Enigma Dubz Remix)’
    31 – Doshy ‘Phases’
    32 – Rustie ‘Triadzz’
    33 – sAuce ‘Double Double-U’
    34 – Swindle ‘Airmiles (20,000 Miles Later Remix)’
    35 – Starkey ‘Traveling’
    36 – Yellow Claw ’4 In the Morning’
    37 – Zero Cash ‘Wake Up Call’
    38 – J Beatz ‘Oh’
    39 – Starkey ‘Space (ft. Karizma & Nina Smith)’

    By URB.com

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    sAuce opening for Mt. Eden, Govinda, Dysphemic & Miss Eliza on May 10, 2013

    ~ by  sAuce

    Buy your tickets here for $2 off! You get a discount, plus it helps support me and my musical journey. Win-Win. Much love. Promo Code: sauce http://casselmans.com/event/136326

    Buy your tickets HERE for $2 off ! Use the promo code: sauce

    You get a discount, plus it helps support me and my musical journey. Win-Win. Much love.


    sAuce performing at Envision Festival

    ~ by  sAuce

    Very excited and honored to announce i will be playing Envision this year.


    Welcome Friends!

    ~ by  sAuce

    Sauce’s independent releases, Little Light (05/2010) and Something (01/2011), set a tone that is dark, reminiscent, and thoughtful. Tracks like “Room With A View,” deep bassy creatures with minimal melodies, immerse the listener into a dream-like state,undulant in their motion and populated by glints of the world outside. There is an ever present sadness, a sense of confinement, but the gentle power of sAuce’s bass combined with the glitched out melodies of tracks like “Sillz N Gutterz” depict an artist that is pushing his mind to great extremes to break out of his bonds. There is a story and a plot to sAuce’s music, and the first great twist in the plot occurs in his upcoming EP release, Candy Painted Frequencies (Gruntworthy, 05/2011). Each sound has been refined and precisely engineered to strike at an emotional level, sometimes confident, wondrous, or angry, and those emotions are stretched, maintained, and manipulated by drums that are methodical but adventurous at the same time. With a more purposeful rhythm, sAuce’s dream-like sound is now manipulated by a lucid dreamer, ready to explore, but taking a moment to reflect before taking the next step. ~Andy Smith